About Dr. Andrew Fares

PhD in Pain Therapy - Cairo University
• Diagnostic detection of back and neck pain and numbness in the limbs
• Suction the protruding part of the cartilage (disc) with the latest technology
• Vaporizing the protruding part of the cartilage (disc) by laser
Treatment of herniated disc (disc) with thermal frequency
• Injection and thermal frequency of nerve sockets under the direction of interventional radiotherapy
• Treatment of neural canal narrowing and neural tube expansion without surgery
Joint injection of oil fluid and plasma PRP (shoulder and knee)
• Treatment of herniated disc surgery failure and vertebrae fixation failure.
• Neck pain treatment.
A complete medical team. Pain and spine treatment consultants. Orthopedic consultants and physiotherapy consultants in one place to ensure complete patient comfort.

10+ Years of Experience

1,500+ Patient

5,000+ Non Surgery

DR.Andrew Fares

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