Advantages of a cartilage liposuction without surgery

If you suffer from a herniated disc and are afraid of surgery, now you can get rid of this problem in less than 60 minutes without surgery.

Cartilage suction is performed under local anesthetic and outside the neural canal, by inserting a small catheter with a diameter of no more than 2 mm, under the guidance of radiation, into the sliding part only, to break it up into small pieces, and then suctioning these parts in order to reduce the pressure inside the cartilage, without A cleft muscle or broken bone, and away from the spine.


What is the disc operation?

Disc surgery is a surgical procedure in which the damaged part of a herniated disc in the spine is removed, so that the operation aims to rid the patient of pain, numbness and numbness resulting from the pressure of the eroded herniated disc on the neighboring nerves.

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