Aspiration or evaporation of the protruding part of the disc

The advanced technology works to reach the core of the cartilage and pull its largest part out without damaging the surrounding joints or vertebrae.

It is used in herniated disc cases because it causes severe pain in the lower back in the lumbar vertebrae and may extend to the legs, which affects the patient's mobility and the exercise of his normal life.

Causes of Cartilage Injury:

It occurs due to the increased pressure on the vertebrae, damaging the outermost layer of the cartilage, and the gelatinous material escapes from the nucleus to the adjacent nerves, which leads to feeling severe pain, which is called a herniated disc.

Service FAQ

Several factors, namely determine the cost: - The instruments with which the operation is performed. - The fee of the doctor operating and his assisting team. - The hospital where the operation is being performed.
1. You only need topical anesthesia. 2. It does not affect the spine and its movement. 3. It does not affect the nerves. 4. It does not cause any cracks in the body.
1. Topical anesthesia. 2. The doctor begins, through the skin, to insert a thin needle, which he directs using the interventional radiology to reach the cartilage core, after which the cartilage dissolves and suction occurs, so the pressure on the nerves and feeling pain decrease. 3. The skin shall be bandaged after removing the needle. 4. Half an hour is the duration of the operation, after which the injured person can leave and return home after the doctor is sure the patient's health condition is okay.
The operation achieves a very good success rate without affecting the spine and its movement. The patient's condition improves with the gradual disappearance of pain, and the patient can return home after only hours and return to his/her normal life only a week after the operation.


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Aspiration or evaporation of the protruding part of the disc

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