Cancer pain and treatment

Cancer pain occurs in different forms. The pain may be dull, strong, or severe. The pain may be permanent, intermittent, mild, moderate, or severe.

Cancer pain is treated and pain relieved by combining the following methods:

Tumor reduction, invasive and non-invasive methods of treatment. In the event that the tumor is sensitive to radiation, the pain will decrease with the regression of the tumor, and the patient feels better after two to four weeks after treatment, and it may last for about a year. The patient is treated with medication until the pain relief stage is reached. Tumors sensitive to chemotherapy, are treated in a similar way if the patient's condition allows it. In uterine, breast and prostate cancer, hormone therapy methods are combined. When the lump grows too quickly or too slowly, surgery may be considered.


Causes and risk factors of cancer pain

The most common cause of pain from persistent cancer is bone pain involving a metastasic or primary bone tumor. Bone pain that intensifies suddenly indicates a pathological fracture of the bone or a tumor penetrating a nearby nerve building.

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