Causes of back pain after childbirth

The percentage of cesarean deliveries has increased recently for many reasons and factors, and although it can be beneficial for the safety of both the mother and the fetus, a cesarean delivery has some risks and side effects, for example back pain Causes of back pain after a cesarean delivery Back pain after a cesarean delivery has two reasons: The first reason is trauma to the skin, muscles, ligaments, or nerves in the back due to the insertion of a spinal anesthesia needle in the spine, and the second reason is known as a postdural perforation headache, which results from the gradual leakage of fluid Myeloid that causes headache and neck pain that worsens when a woman sits or stands and eases when she is lying flat.


What is back pain after childbirth?

The myriad of changes that accompany pregnancy can lead to as many inconveniences as back pain. However, for some women, these intense pain and stiffness in the lower back may not subside even after pregnancy and childbirth are over. Lower back pain after childbirth can hinder their recovery, making it difficult for them to move or even sit for long periods.

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