Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

As indicated by its name, it is a condition in which the patient complains of lower back pain>
The pain begins at the bottom of the rib cage, and the pain may extend to the legs and buttocks. In most cases, lower back pain due to an injury, such as a sprain in the muscles or vertebrae due to poor body mechanics. Most pathologies are due to injuries such as sprained vertebrae or muscles based on weak body mechanics.

Factors that cause an increase in the development of cases
The suffering of back pain increases due to the following factors:

 aging. Smoking, which increases the risk of developing disc disease. A poor lifestyle that is also lacking in exercise performance. Carrying things with heavyweights.


Pain ranges from light.
It is severe in the lumbar spine (the lower back region) and sometimes extends to the legs, and otherwise causes difficulty in standing up or moving.

At Dr. Andrew Center, spine specialists will examine pathological situations through a physical examination and assess the extent of muscle strength, reaction and response.
Some cases require imaging examination, either using magnetic resonance imaging, x-rays, and/or electromyography, computed tomography so that the center's team can make an accurate diagnosis.

Then the cause of the pain is determined, and you will get the appropriate treatment.

Service FAQ

Be sure to consult spine specialists at Dr. Andrew Center to receive appropriate treatment for any pain you may feel in the lower back, and the treatment methods are between: - Pain relief medicines - Back injections in the spine area - Performing strengthening exercises for the back muscles and physical therapy. If the cause of the pain requires surgery, the attending physician will explain it to you.
muscle weakness due to lack of exercise or muscle fatigue. Wrong postures of sitting. Hernia or sagging discs in the lumbar spine. Various medical conditions such as chronic stiffness of muscles and joints in addition to myofascial pain and osteoporosis.


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