How to inject nerve roots

Lumbar nerve root injections are resorted to when a nerve irritation occurs in the spinal cord that may cause pain and weakness in the areas supplied by the nerve. This condition occurs in any part of the spine, but it is more common in the lumbar and cervical region and less common in the thoracic region.

As the injection of the nerve roots is a very safe method and it does not represent any risk and does not have any side effects, and the injection is done under the direction of the interventional radiation to ensure the best results. It also does not take the injection of the lumbar nerve roots more than a quarter of an hour and the patient returns home, so the injection is not just a painkiller, but it is an effective treatment.


Nerve root injection

The indication for peri-radical treatment is irritating nerve root syndrome, which is often the result of a herniated disc and / or narrowing of the nerve roots as a result of degenerative changes in the spine (spinal stenosis). Here, the drug is injected directly into the exit point of the nerve root from the spinal canal.

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