How to use the operation in treating vertebral fractures

Vertebral fractures occur when the vertebra cannot fully bear the load on it and begins to collapse due to the tiny cracks and cracks that form in the bone. Usually the front of the vertebrae begins to collapse and begins to take on the shape of a wedge. The collapsed portion of a paragraph must lose at least 15% of its height for this to be considered a fracture of the paragraph.

This type of vertebral fractures often occurs in elderly people and those suffering from osteoporosis, but it may also occur as a result of other causes such as cancerous tumors in the bones or severe trauma to the spine.

Vertebral fracture fixation involves inserting and guiding a needle through a small hole in the back into the affected vertebra. Once the needle reaches the fractured vertebra, medical bone cement is delivered through it to the cracks and tiny cracks in the vertebra. This medicinal cement fills in those voids and eventually hardens, which removes the source of pain by stabilizing the vertebra and preventing further collapse of the vertebra.


Cement treatment for vertebral fractures

Osteoporosis begins to appear in the spine before the peripheral bones, and when vertebral fractures occur, they are called lumbar fractures resulting from osteoporosis, and they can occur without the patient being exposed to any collision, and it may occur while he is asleep in his bed.

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