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How to use the operation in treating vertebral fractures

Vertebral fractures occur when the vertebra cannot fully bear the load on it and begins to collapse due to the tiny cracks and cracks that form in the bone. Usually the front of the vertebrae begins to collapse and begins to take on the shape of a wedge. The collapsed portion of a paragraph must lose at least 15% of its height for this to be considered a fracture of the paragraph.

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Rough knee symptoms

Symptoms come and go in the form of relapses that are related to certain things, such as the weather or your level of physical activity, but in more severe cases the symptoms can be continuous.

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Causes and risk factors of cancer pain

The most common cause of pain from persistent cancer is bone pain involving a metastasic or primary bone tumor. Bone pain that intensifies suddenly indicates a pathological fracture of the bone or a tumor penetrating a nearby nerve building.

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What is back pain after childbirth?

The myriad of changes that accompany pregnancy can lead to as many inconveniences as back pain. However, for some women, these intense pain and stiffness in the lower back may not subside even after pregnancy and childbirth are over. Lower back pain after childbirth can hinder their recovery, making it difficult for them to move or even sit for long periods.

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Symptoms of chronic pain

Often people with chronic pain feel tired, have trouble sleeping, lose their appetite or sense of taste, or lose weight. They may become constipated and have decreased sexual desire. These problems can gradually develop. Constant pain can prevent patients from doing their hobbies and activities they enjoy. It may lead to depression and anxiety. These patients may stop their normal activities, withdraw from society, and become preoccupied with their health.

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What is the disc operation?

Disc surgery is a surgical procedure in which the damaged part of a herniated disc in the spine is removed, so that the operation aims to rid the patient of pain, numbness and numbness resulting from the pressure of the eroded herniated disc on the neighboring nerves.

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How to inject nerve roots

Lumbar nerve root injections are resorted to when a nerve irritation occurs in the spinal cord that may cause pain and weakness in the areas supplied by the nerve. This condition occurs in any part of the spine, but it is more common in the lumbar and cervical region and less common in the thoracic region.

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Advantages of a cartilage liposuction without surgery

If you suffer from a herniated disc and are afraid of surgery, now you can get rid of this problem in less than 60 minutes without surgery.

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The chronic pain disease

Chronic pain is a group of medical phenomena that afflict half of society. Every second person affected feels specific chronic pain, such as headache and migraine (migraine), back pain, neck pain, facial pain (Trigeminus - trigeminal nerve), joint pain, muscle pain, pain after nerve injury, the pain is caused by disease Cancer, pain in the limbs due to an imbalance in the blood supply, pain due to diabetes, pain after herpes zoster, etc.

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Cement treatment for vertebral fractures

Osteoporosis begins to appear in the spine before the peripheral bones, and when vertebral fractures occur, they are called lumbar fractures resulting from osteoporosis, and they can occur without the patient being exposed to any collision, and it may occur while he is asleep in his bed.

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Cancer pain and treatment

Cancer pain occurs in different forms. The pain may be dull, strong, or severe. The pain may be permanent, intermittent, mild, moderate, or severe.

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Causes of back pain after childbirth

The percentage of cesarean deliveries has increased recently for many reasons and factors, and although it can be beneficial for the safety of both the mother and the fetus, a cesarean delivery has some risks and side effects, for example back pain

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