Symptoms of chronic pain

Often people with chronic pain feel tired, have trouble sleeping, lose their appetite or sense of taste, or lose weight. They may become constipated and have decreased sexual desire. These problems can gradually develop. Constant pain can prevent patients from doing their hobbies and activities they enjoy. It may lead to depression and anxiety. These patients may stop their normal activities, withdraw from society, and become preoccupied with their health.

Breakthrough pain is a short-term, intense episode of pain that may occur while treating chronic pain. This pain is called supernatural because it occurs during regular pain control treatment. Breakthrough pain may vary from patient to patient and is often unexpected.


The chronic pain disease

Chronic pain is a group of medical phenomena that afflict half of society. Every second person affected feels specific chronic pain, such as headache and migraine (migraine), back pain, neck pain, facial pain (Trigeminus - trigeminal nerve), joint pain, muscle pain, pain after nerve injury, the pain is caused by disease Cancer, pain in the limbs due to an imbalance in the blood supply, pain due to diabetes, pain after herpes zoster, etc.

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