Treating back pain after childbirth

Pregnancy in women is accompanied by multiple changes, including those that extend after childbirth, including severe pain in the lower back and sclerosis, and they are among the causes of difficulty moving or sitting for a long time.

Causes of Back Pain After Childbirth:

1. Woman's body’s secretion of relaxing and progesterone during pregnancy, which works to relax the pelvic area (joints and ligaments) to make childbirth an easy operation, but the possibility of hormones remaining in the body for other months may cause lower back pain.

2.     Excess weight during pregnancy, as the knees and muscles bear the burden, including muscles in the lower back, which are in a state of being stimulated at the time.



3.     Physically strenuous chores during pregnancy.

4.     Expansion of the uterus during pregnancy, which puts an additional burden on the lower back of the pregnant woman and causes pain.

5.     Natural childbirth stresses muscles that were inactive in normal life and using and pressing them suddenly causes back pain before and after childbirth.

6.     Sitting incorrectly during feeding times.

7-     Bending over and holding the baby after birth and the sleepless nights that go on after birth.

Service FAQ

1. Daily intense and increasing pains. 2. Numbness in either or both legs. 3. Pains are resulting from a fall or the like. 4. The pain persists at the same intensity for more than 6 months after childbirth. 5. Back pain accompanied by a fever.
It extends for 6 months, and the pain begins to disappear, but if you engage in strenuous physical work during pregnancy, the pain may last for a year, and on the other hand, the extra weight may lead to permanent pain in the back.


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Treating back pain after childbirth

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